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We guarantee our services based on our knowledge and years of experience.
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Our human capital is the most valuable thing we have and what makes the difference.
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We strive every day to improve our quality and service.
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We offer customized solutions for each of our clients.
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Conveyor Systems

Mechanical assemblies used to transport objects along a production line, which are mainly driven by motors and employ mechanisms such as rollers, chains or belts.

Process Engineering

Thermal, mechanical and chemical engineering solutions to convert raw material into finished product, quantifying energy efficiency during all stages of the manufacturing process.

Machining Workshop

Manufacturing of metal structures, shelving, welded assemblies, bolted joints with a variety of applications in the industrial, civil and road infrastructure sectors.

After-Sales Service

Customer service, maintenance, technical analysis, measurement, sales, supply and assembly of national and international spare parts with flexible schedules and quick response.

Presence in the Industry

Throughout our history we have diversified our products and services to cover multidisciplinary sectors that ranges from the automotive industry, being our main focus, to projects in the food industry and building construction projects.

Project FT18-10-05 Replacement for an obsolete skid conveyor system N-3, VW MX

Disassembly of old conveyors, manufacture and assembly of 16 new skid conveyors (a.o. buffers, elevators, turn tables, scissor tables, eccentric lifting tables, roller conveyors, etc. in mild and stainless steel) in one of the paint shops from Volkswagen Mexico.

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About us

Founded in 2004 in the city of Puebla to offer our customers technical services in engineering, project management, manufacture and installation of automated devices for various production processes, as well as offering them an excellent customer service in all of our business areas.

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