Mechanical Design / Mech. Engineering

We provide mechanical engineering for our customers who seek only conceptual solutions based on our experienced and creative ideas for various application areas focusing on problem solving, product improvements and customer needs.

Project Management

We provide our customers with staff for project administration and coordination of their projects in a wide variety of areas of the automotive industry, especially in the areas of conveyor systems and process engineering.

Manufacturing and / or Installation Services

We support our national and foreign customers to carry out their “turnkey” projects with the supply of materials and specialized personnel

Personnel to Operate a Production Line

If required after the end of the installation process, we will provide our customers with the necessary personnel (mechanics, electricians SW and HW) to operate the new line and instruct the end customer’s staff, whereby we naturally keep an eye on the quality of the end product.

Changes and Adjustments in Existing Lines

Consulting, conceptual and detailed engineering, planning, elaboration of specifications, preparation of offers and implementation of projects.

After-Sales Service

Customer service, maintenance, technical analysis, measurements, sales, supply and assembly of national and international spare parts with flexible schedules and quick response.

  • Spare parts sales
    New replacement parts or the repair of the existing broken parts.

  • Maintenance Service / Training
    Anticipatory, preventive and corrective. Elimination of breakdowns and repairs. 

  • Planning and Advice
    Technical advice on the development of new projects or changes to existing systems.